Port Ahuriri School

The Port Ahuriri School Parents and Friends (PAF) Committee are a group of dedicated volunteers who support the children, staff and community by raising funds to carry out projects that will benefit the school.  The committee meets once a term and more frequently as events draw near, meetings are a great way to meet like-minded parents, form friendships and have a laugh.


PAF runs in accordance to a constitution, which outlines the relationship between the committee, school and Board of Trustees and how it operates.  At the beginning of each year PAF gathers suggestions for projects that the children, staff and community see as being of value, from this discussions are held with the Principal and Board of Trustees to identify those that will be of benefit to the children at Port Ahuriri School.  Then the fun begins as we plan how we will raise the funds to make purchases and fund projects.


In the past few years PAF has funded some large and small scale projects, some of which include playgrounds, fitness trails, crickets nets, sports uniforms, construction equipment for classrooms.  In 2017 we have gathered suggestions, compiled a significant list of projects to fund, and are in discussions with the Board of Trustees and Principal to confirm where money will be spent.  It will be an exciting year with potential projects that will be of huge value to the whole school.


The current PAF committee raise funds through a variety of methods including discos, sausage sizzles, and our annual Food and Music Festival, which is known in the community as a fabulous family event.  With the support of Funworks we are able to provide fun inflatable rides and through the efforts of children, parents and staff have a variety of foods and beverages.


We are always looking for new PAF members and encourage you to come and join our team.  Every person can make a difference and without the commitment from parents we would not be able to support the school in the way that we do.  You can contact PAF by email at paf@portahuriri.school.nz and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!