Port Ahuriri School

Montessori Education 

Montessori students are integrated as part of Port Ahuriri School. They are enrolled as Port Ahuriri School students and they participate in all general school activities. 

For enrolment enquiries please contact the Principal who will explain the Montessori enrolment requirements. A major requirement is that students must have had Montessori pre-school education. The Montessori class is part of the wider school enrolment scheme. 

For further information visit www.hawkesbaymontessori.org.nz . 

Procedures for Enrolment in the Montessori Class at Port Ahuriri School


The class operates as a Montessori class at Port Ahuriri Primary School. All enrolments in the Montessori class are accepted under Ministry of Education guidelines and at the discretion of the principal.


Prior to Starting in the Class

The school requires the following:

  • Port Ahuriri School enrolment form, copy of Birth Certificate or Passport, and immunisation certificate.


The Hawke’s Bay Montessori Education Trust (HBMET) requires:

  • The HBMET application form to be completed and returned with the school enrolment documentation.


The HBMET requests the following:

  • An initial one-off initial donation of $300. This is made payable to the HBMET.
  •  A term-by-term donation. Invoices will be supplied.



By the nature of the Montessori class there are extra costs incurred to provide this educational opportunity. Donations cover the costs of a dedicated teacher aide, professional development for the class teacher and teacher aide, class materials, class trips, and students’ MANZ subscriptions.


An initial non-refundable donation of $300 is requested before the end of the term prior to the child starting. A continuing donation of $400 per term is requested. A discount applies when two or more siblings are enrolled in the class at the same time - $100 for the second child and $100 for each extra child thereafter.


Donations may be paid directly into the HBMET bank account:

Name on account: Hawke’s Bay Montessori Education Trust Incorporated

Bank account number: 12-3145-0113069-02


General Information

  • Enrolment of all children into the class is at the discretion of the principal. The school will keep the enrolment officer of HBMET informed of all new enrolments and/or enquiries.
  • The school undertakes to make every effort to accommodate siblings in the class.
  • Enrolments to the class from children already established in the Montessori system wishing to transfer from overseas or elsewhere in New Zealand are welcome. Every effort will be made to accommodate them into the class.


Entry Into the Montessori Class

Preferred Qualities for Class Entry:

  • Montessori preschool experience of at least two years
  • Montessori pre-schooling up until entry to school
  • Children who are turning six years of age in their enrolment year
  • Parental commitment to Montessori philosophy


The Montessori class comes under the school enrolment scheme. Children are selected for the Montessori class based on the same criteria as per the school ballot system.


Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand - MANZ

Donations include each enrolled family’s Montessori Association of New Zealand (MANZ)



Our class is a member of the Montessori Association of New Zealand (MANZ). The annual

membership is paid by the HBMET. MANZ undertakes a number of important functions and

duties on behalf of all its members which include:


  • Promotion of high standards of Montessori education
  • Liaison with government and other agencies on behalf of members
  • Provision of resources and information for parents and member schools on all aspects of Montessori education
  • Assisting schools with recruitment of teachers
  • Provision of teacher training through the MANZ Teachers Division
  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter “Montessori Voices” which each member family receives
  • Facilitating professional development for teaching and ancillary staff.