Port Ahuriri School

Why Choose Us?

Our School Environment and Community

Port Ahuriri School is a Decile 7 contributing school located in the city suburb of Ahuriri, Napier.

Our nautical theme is relevant to our location.  The estuary, yachting and the Inner Harbour are all within walking distance.  Sheltered by the backdrop of Napier Hill, Port Ahuriri School is ideally situated and only a 5 minute drive away from central Napier.  Bypass roads to Napier suburbs and outer Napier provide easy access to our school.

Port Ahuriri School has an exceptionally supportive community who are extremely proud of the history and the achievements of the school and its pupils.

We actively encourage parent involvement in our school. We recognise that parents make a considered choice to send their children to our school, and we respect their ideas and input into their child’s education.

As a community, we believe in education with a focus on encouraging diversity and focussing on the development of the 'whole child' both socially and academically.  Personal and cultural diversity are valued at Port Ahuriri School.  We encourage the extension of knowledge in our children and encourage them to live in a caring and harmonious society.  Stimulating experiences ensure that each child loves to come to school.

Port Ahuriri School is small enough to care but large enough to provide a range of sporting, cultural, technical and learning opportunities, for all children.

After School Care

Professional supervision of our children is something we are proud to offer.  Our centre manager  Anna Ward, has had many successful years’ experience in looking after children at Port Ahuriri School, before and after school and during school holiday time.

Our children are well supervised by Anna and her staff.  Our After School Care is popular with children and their parents from the wider Napier region during school breaks. 

Our After School Care Programme is easy and flexible without compromising safety and quality care.  A popular holiday programme provides parents and children consistency in care giving.  Our premises are purpose built for easy supervision of children after school hours.  It is Winz approved, providing parents with accessible and an affordable child caring service.  

The contact phone number is 0276993015.

Montessori Education

Port Ahuriri School has as a part of its regular school a years 6 -9 Montessori class. Montessori education is firmly based on respect for and understanding of the child.  The Montessori classroom is a prepared environment that offers a positive learning community which encourages self-directed learning and respect for others.  In this environment each child is taught individually, they work at their own pace and level under the guidance of a Montessori/State trained teacher.  Children are encouraged towards self-confidence, independence, self-discipline and concentration.  A life-long love of learning is fostered along with respect for others and the environment.

Our Montessori students are integrated within the wider school.  They participate in all general school activities.  

The Montessori class attracts a pupil donation over and above the school donation. This is currently set at $50.00 per week. This is payable to the Hawkes Bay Montessori Education Trust.

For more information visit  www.hawkesbaymontessori.org.nz .

The Montessori class operates as a part of Port Ahuriri School and under all policies and procedures. This includes the school enrolment scheme and special pre-school requirements. To discuss an enrolment in Montessori, please contact the Principal.

International Education

Port Ahuriri School is a signatory of the International Code of Practise for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Our school values diversity, and international students bring a valuable dimension to our school, and enable our children to interact with children from around the world at an earlier stage than might normally be possible.

We accept enrolments for International Students from Year 1 to Year 6.  Port Ahuriri School does not act as an accommodation agent and will only enrol students who are living with their parent(s).

We assess our students on arrival so that the most suitable programme to cater for their needs can be developed.  English language assistance is available to all International Students depending on their individual needs.

It is vital that students have a desire to learn.  They must have a good level of conduct, attitude and attendance.

School Development 2018

This year our school focus across all units is people. Within our 'inquiry learning' approach the school will focus on this rich topic. Inquiry enables each child, class or group to structure their individual learning around their studies of interest.

We are involved in a national mathmatics contract with Waikato University and the Ministry of Education, which will involve looking at accelerating progress of learners sustainably in mathmatics.

Our focus will continue on the development of our wonderful school garden. As well as our big garden, each class has their own planter box to plan, grow and maintain.

We are one of the very few individual schools nationally to have Teacher led Innovation Fund Project. We use our strength in science to accelerate boys writing achievement.  Our results have been extraordinary and we are sought out by other teachers and schools both local and national to share our programme and success.

2018 - sees the continuing of our very popular Kapa Haka group. 


Parents and Friends major fundraiser each year is a Food and Music Festival in November. Our Parents and Friends group fund many exciting ‘extras’ to benefit all our children across the school. In the past they have funded sports uniforms, children’s playgrounds, the children’s school gardens, outdoor fitness equipment, musical and cultural equipment and activities.  The boards major project for 2018 is the rejuvenation of the covered areas around and over our pool.


We plan to continue being involved in the usual wide array of cultural and sporting events, both locally and out of town this year.  2018, is the year of the year 5 and 6 camp to Rotorua. Children participate in a wide range of activities including team building experiences and sleeping in cabins or tents to develop cooperation and self-management skills.

Staff development this year is focussing on developing literacy learning and embedding creativity through technology in our classrooms. There will continue to be a high visual arts focus as well as our science and boys writing project.

Should we achieve all we set out to do, we are in for a busy, exciting and highly satisfying year.

Information Communication Technology

Port Ahuriri School offers our children the very best in Information Technology.  It is our vision that all children be empowered to use technology for effective learning. Our school has invested extensively in technology which is backed by the commitment and capability of staff.  There is a high level of accessibility in the classrooms. This means all students have access to a range of learning tools and applications. We are committed to safe and accessible use of technology and the Internet.

Physical Activity at Port Ahuriri School

Port Ahuriri School values and encourages physical activity.  It is enjoyable and develops and enhances the emotional, social, cognitive and physiological growth of children.  We provide many opportunities for team sports, such as: cricket, netball, hockey, rugby, softball and basketball.  In the classroom, fundamental skills are developed like ball control and balance.  Regular fitness activities are encouraged such as games, jump-jam, skipping and running.  We have a variety of playground sports and playground equipment available for lunchtime use.  The senior school participate in a Coastal Cluster sports series, where they play one-off tournaments with seven other schools.  We have a close relationship with Sports HB which introduces extra opportunities such as golf, squash and rippa rugby. Sport HB also train our PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) who are senior students vital in designing and leading games for juniors during lunch and shared sports times.  All children participate in an annual outdoor education programme where they can experience activities like orienteering, fishing and sailing.  Regular school events where we encourage our community to come along and support children are held. We are extremely lucky that our Board and community support the continuation of our school pool and swim programme. All staff are trained by SwimmingNZ and children receive daily swimming instruction during the season.